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Stop Overthinking the Logo

One of the best parts about working with businesses to design their logo, brand and identity is taking part in the big picture. Often many people are pretty short sighted and think that getting an awesome logo will fix their issues and it is all up hill from there. But that is often, as many of us know, just not the case.

Something that as creatives we often struggle with is finishing. Say that we have finished our work means that is now open to critique. That now the entire world r client now has free range to tear your work apart. This is a tough pill to swallow since we treat our work so personally. That our work is something we must protect and cherish at all costs. So we get filled with fear and anxiety about someone coming after our creation. This constant fear is what keeps us back from growing and finishing work.

"Perfect is the enemy of good." Voltaire

The constant need to nitpick, change kerning, colors, types, adjustments here and there in order to make it perfect. But this over-analysis is not what is important. Finishing is what is important.

One of the most recognizable logos on the planet is the McDonald's M.

mcdonalds golden arches logo
mcdonalds logo

That logo can be seen around the world and everyone still knows what it stands for. But the question I often ask is. "Could you have made that?"

Many designers are perfectly capable of drawing that M or coming to a similar solution. It is not, technically speaking, a difficult logo to create. Nothing that makes the mark inherently impossible at a skill level for someone to come up with it.

The power of a mark is often found on the other end of things. The business and marketing aspect of what makes the company so valuable. Does the company tell amazing stories? Offer incredible value? Impeccable customer service? Top of the line products? These are the things that make a company great and in turn make the logo have value.

This is why I encourage many designers to finish. If you have any chops at all you are able to make a good logo. Now, will it become as powerful and well known as the M? That is up to the company and how they use the mark. Plenty of businesses are started every day and have fantastic logos. Most businesses fail for a million and half reasons and rarely does it have to do with its logo.

Be bold, be confident and finish.

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